Vote for our schools tomorrow! Vote YES!

A message from Coach Snyder regarding tomorrow's referendum vote.



Dear Parents,

                I am writing this letter in regards to the proposed school referendum coming up for election on May 8th (Next Tuesday).  This letter is to help enlighten you on our situation in hopes that you can take an educated mind to the voting booth on Tuesday.  There have been so many things said, for and against, the proposed property tax increase to help support the Duneland Schools.  I just want to voice my “two cents”.  Many times as a public employee I feel stifled to where I feel I’m not supposed to speak out of turn or voice my true opinion.  Well, I have “bit my lip” long enough!

                First, I need everyone to understand that the installation of the new football field was a product of the efforts of many people who saw the overall benefit of a multi-purpose field.  Many people have voiced their continuous dissatisfaction about the field and that the school should’ve used that money to remedy its current financial woes.  Well, the truth is, if the field had never been installed the school would still be exactly where it is today financially.  The money used for the purchase of the field, in NO WAY, could’ve been used to help the school when it comes to the General Fund.  The STATE has laws and codes as to how money can be spent and what it can be used for.   The school CAN NOT transfer funds from one account to another.  Also, the STATE also says that if you don’t use the money we give you for “building” purposes you will lose it…schools are not allowed to stock pile money from year to year.  They have to use the money for structural improvements! 

                Second, too many people have referenced the SCHOOLS woes as mirroring all other struggling businesses in hard economic times.  “Other businesses have to deal with it…so should the schools”.  Well, the school has dealt with it and continues to deal with funding shortcomings.   For the last several years programs have been cut, teachers have not been replaced, athletic and co-curricular programs have lost staff and funds, custodial staff reduced,transportation has been cut while oil prices have continued to rise.  All of these things have been happening as the school “has tightened its belt”…yet to the public eye we’ve operated a school that continues to excel and produce great academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs.  However, we’ve been operating at a minimal functioning level when it comes to staffing.  With our school continuing to receive less and less money each year from the STATE….it is going to force us to cut programs and eliminate jobs!  Like a business, when you don’t have the money to support a program you eventually have to cut it!  However, the worst thing anyone can ever do is compare the education of a child to a piece of plastic, combo meal, or a product of any kind.  In the business world if the plastic is bad you throw it out, if the meat is bad you can’t try to sell it!!!  In education we continue to strive to improve every student and help them reach the student’s individual potential.  The great thing about Duneland Schools is that there are opportunities for children of all aspirations.  With Band, Music, Speech and Debate, Chess Club, Athletics, Reading Clubs, Drama, Quiz Bowl, Bowling Club, Show Choir, Art Clubs,…the list goes on and on….every student has an opportunity to find his or her niche.  A child is not just thrown out because they don’t meet manufacturer’s specifications!!! 

                Lastly, from a personal standpoint, I have poured my heart and soul into building and developing the best football program I know how.  With the size of our school and our competition, the task of being competitive does not lie solely upon my shoulders.  I have numerous coaches, support staff, managers, Boosters, and you the parents who devote a lot of their personal time to helping our young men achieve success.  Without all of those people helping we would not be where we’re at currently and going in the direction I feel our program is headed.  Unfortunately, if this referendum is voted down our football program will be dramatically affected.  There will be coaches who will be lost due to Reduction In Faculty.  Most athletic coaches are Physical Education teachers and that is one department that will take one of the most dramatic hits if the referendum does not pass!  SO, please consider the dramatic impact your VOTE will have on the bigger picture of our entire school and all of its programs.


What can you do to HELP?  VOTE YES! on MAY 8th!

If you’re supportive of the referendum the worst thing you can do is….not vote!



                                                                                                John Snyder

                                                                                                Head Football Coach

                                                                                                Head of P.E. and Health Dept. at CHS

Pancake Breakfast week

Just a reminder, this is the week of the largest and most important fund raiser of the year for the Football Boosters. Our Pancake Breakfast will be held this Saturday at the Moose Lodge in Chesterton from 6:30am to 11:00am.  Come on out and enjoy some pancakes, sausage, and the famous biscuits and sausage gravy.  The ticket is only $6 and there are also plenty of silent auction items to bid on and a raffle drawing will take place.  Members of the Trojan football teams will be there to help out and you can get to know of the team.  

Hope to see you Saturday morning!

Recruiting Meeting tomorrow night


From Coach Snyder…

Recruiting Meeting Information!

What:  Annual Football Recruiting Meeting

Where:  CHS Large Group Instruction Room (upstairs)

Who:  Junior and Sophomore Parents and Players who are interested in the Recruiting Process

When:  Tuesday, Feb 21st @ 7:00pm

Why:  This meeting is meant to provide parents and players an insight as to what to expect during the Recruiting process.  Coach Justin Lustig from Ball State University will be on hand to give personal knowledge and experience from a Division 1 coach’s perspective.  He will share with attendees some of the new NCAA requirements that have become effective this year and how that can impact today’s prospective student / athlete.  This meeting will share misunderstood information about scholarships and what is available at all levels of play (NAIA, NCAA Division I, II, III).  

Varsity Summer Schedule

Below are the summer calendar's for the Varsity football team.  This schedule will include all Soph's, Junior's, and Senior's planning on playing football in the fall.  Freshmen will have a different schedule that will be released later.

June 2012 Calendar

July 2012 Calendar

Update from the Boosters Meetings

Some important updates from the Boosters meeting last week.

1. Pancake Breakfast.  The event is scheduled for February 25,2012 at the Moose Lodge in Chesterton.  Donations are needed to make the auction/raffle a success. Breakfast tickets will be $7 and doors will open at 6:30am and serving will conclude around 11am.  If you know of anyone or have anything that can be donated to the auction/raffle, please contact a booster member.

2. Videos of the Valpo game are still available for sale.  Please contact a booster member if you would like to purchase a game video.  

2012 is here, a Sectional Championship gets closer each day!

Happy New Year!  

Below is a .pdf of the January schedule for football players not participating in a winter sport.  Weightlifting will continue on Mondays and Wednesdays once school resumes and Friday morning workouts return January 27th.  There is also a group attending special training sessions at Ignite Sports Performance on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Be on the lookout for information about the Annual Pancake Breakfast coming soon.  

January Workouts

March to a Sectional Title Starts NOW!

Announcement:  All Football Players are expected to test on the three Major Core Lifts Monday Nov. 21st and TuesdayNov. 22nd right after school.  No player should need to stay later than 4:30 on either day.  

Any player in a winter sport is to see Coach Snyder about times to complete their testing.  All testing is to be done before they leave for Thanksgiving Break.

Official Off-Season Strength Training and Conditioning will start Monday Nov. 28th right after school.  Anyone not involved in a winter sport is expected to be there.  

Conditioning days and times will be Monday and Wednesdays after school from 3:00 – 4:30pm…and Friday mornings starting at 6:00AM.

All players are expected to be there!

Coach Snyder

Booster Meeting

The November booster meeting will be Monday 11/7/11 at 7pm at the High School.

Sectional Semi Podcast

The final podcast for the 2011 season from Dallas and Trevor.  Thanks for a great job this season guys!

CHS Podcast 11 2 11


Photo and Video from the Merrillville Sectional Semi game

Photo Slideshow

Fast Tube by Casper

1st Half

Fast Tube by Casper

2nd Half

Fast Tube by Casper